Audio News for July 8, 2011

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Complaints of High SACD Ultrasonic Noise a Myth – According to Five/Four Productions Michael Bishop, the ultrasonic noise in DSD is not nearly as bad as anti-SACD people make it out to be, and is in fact 70dB to 120 dB before the signal, vs. analog LPs – where the noise is as much at 50% of the original signal. The noise in DVD-Audio is spiky compared to the smooth-looking noise in SACD, probably why DSD sounds smoother than PCM.  The noise in SACD is much lower in the audible range than it is for DVD-Audio.  DSD64 has a perfect impulse response of more than 100%. PCM is DSD, but DSD is not 1-bit PCM.

Cost-No-Object Audiophile Gear – Two Australian-based financiers formed Constellation Audio in 2008 and immediately achieved legendary status among audiophiles with their $150,000 turntable.  Next they assigned their team – including John Curl and Bascom King – to build the world’s very best sound system. It’s now out – the Reference Line – with all components named after stars or constellations. The combination of the monoblock power amps, stereo preamp, phono preamp and multiformat digital source  — all in striking milled-aluminum cases –  comes to $345,000, not including speakers.

Chinese International Consumer Electronics Show Now Open
– The largest CE show in the Asia-Pacific region began it’s 11th annual show yesterday in China’s port city of Quindao. SINOCES goes on for four days and draws China-based retailers and distributors as well as some U.S. dealer. It expects more than 80,000 attendees and 532 exhibitors. Office Depot, RadioShack, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy and BrandsMart will attend from the U.S.  The show also attracts global brands such as Panasonic and Siemens. Microsoft will be a first-time exhibitor.  Besides being a showcase for Chinese companies, the show is an effective springboard for overseas companies to enter the Chinese market.  Chinese consumer electronics providers are gradually growing into international group corporations of world influence, and could eventually rival first-tier Japanese and Korean companies if they focus more on image and service.

Samsung Adds Streaming 3D Content
– The Explore 3D app on Samsung’s SmartHub-connected TV interface now offers a mix of free streaming 3D HD content. It is accessible with a single click from Samsung’s Smart Hub interface, and offers 3D movie trailers from DreamWorks Animation and other studios, music videos, educational content, and full-length TV shows. Later this year it will also offer paid 3D content, including feature films and shorts plus 3D documentaries. Samsung users simply sign up for a new account via any PC.  The Explore 3D app is power by Rovi technology and includes its cloud-based metadata and RoxioNow platform. 3D Active technology is used to deliver 3D content, offering double the resolution for an immersive fullHD 1080p image for each eye, a wider viewing angle and no black lines interfering with the picture. Samsung recently announced a price reduction across its entire line of 3D active-shutter glasses, to $49.99 each.  

Newly-released revenue and unit sell-thru data from market research company The NPD Group reveals that Samsung Electronics America has surpassed the 60% market share threshold to establish a commanding lead in the U.S. 3DTV market. For the period May 22 thru June 18 Samsung had a unit and dollar share of 61% in the 3DTV market, including both plasma and LED 3DTVs. This comes after LG Electronics’ claim last week that the majority of consumers prefer their passive glasses over the active-shutter 3DTV glasses that Samsung and Sony use.

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