Audio News for June 10, 2016

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Audio News

Over Eight Billion Connected Devices Globally Now – According to a new Business Wire article, number of connected AV devices worldwide is now 8.1 billion. This includes smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, TV-attached devices and audio hardware. On average this equates to an amazing four devices per household. Smartphones outnumber tablets by five to one and are expected to rise eventually to nearly 10:1. The Apple TV, starting at $149, has been unable to out-ship the Google Chromecast at $35. Netflix has a presence across 32% of connected devices in the U.S. Pay TV media apps are now virtually guaranteed to set alongside the Netflix app on consumer’s end devices.

Sony Promotes Hi-Res Audio with Their Magic Bus – Their RSX-GS9 in-dash hi-res head unit has been installed with a 4620-watt sound system in a Mercedes Benz cargo van, which is touring trade shows and consumer events. The head end unit has a 32-bit D/A converter from ESS Technology. The player achieves a dynamic range of up to 135dB with low noise and distortion.  All primary components have been optimized to minimize electro-magnetic noise and time-based errors (jitter).

Classical Music Gets Casual in Kitchens ad Warehouses – The writer reports that classical music stuck her as a chore when she was a kid. Was too restless to sit thru the concerts or even to make it thru a piano lesson. As soon as she had anything to say in the matter, she learned three chords on the electric guitar and spent most of the next decade in moshpits. Today, her roommates invited her to a string quartet performance at a friend’s house up the street and she agreed to go. Four young musicians in the shabby brownstone were surrounded by cushions, old couches and red Solo cups. They played a Dvorak Quartet and Shostakovich’s Quartet No. 3. Nobody seemed snobby about the music and it was chamber music at its most basic – in someone’s chambers. Performances like these take place on any given evening in any number of NYC neighborhoods. These are a new breed of performance transforming the way a younger crowd engages with classical music.

Eight Critical and 28 High-Risk Vulnerabilities Fixed in June Android Update – Vulnerabilities in system drivers for various hardware components from different chipset makers were patched in the new security update. They could give regular apps access to privileges or system settings that they shouldn’t have. Some of the malicious apps could execute malicious code in the kernel leading to a permanent device compromise. More than a dozen flaws in the mediaserver component were fixed, which handles audio and video file processing on Android.

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