Audio News for June 20, 2014

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Audio News

Blumoo Bluetooth HT Control – is a $130 gadget which does quite a few things with your TV, even it it’s not a smart TV. It’s place anywhere in your AV setup, and has a thick cable with their ports at the end: power, IR and audio. It only takes a few seconds to pair up with almost any device. There’s a free app and the Blumoo connection lets you set up several different remote controls and supports most devices. The virtual remote it creates looks like a physical remote and you can create your own buttons—including macros and multiple button presses in one. It has a TV guide, music control, and your TV doesn’t have to be on at the time to use it. It makes it possible to control your entire AV center with your virtual remote, from anywhere in your home.

Connected Living Room Market Worth $957 billion by 2020 – According to research by MarketsandMarkets, the total connected living room market is growing at a single digital rate. The market cog era all devices, technology and geography in a generic living room. There are two broad segments: primary devices and secondary ones. TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and computers are primary devices and home theater projectors, home audio system and having consoles are secondary devices. The report gives an in-depth analysis of various components such as processors, memory ICs, wireless chipsets and sensors used in the interconnected living room devices.

NAD Launches New Masters Series Audio Components – They include the M12 Direct Digital Preamp DAC ($3,499), the M22 Hybrid Digital Power Amp ($2,999) and M17 Surround Sound AV Preamp/Processor ($5,499) and the M27 Seven Channel Power Amp – 180 watts per channel ($3999). The new components are capatibile with Lenbrook’s BlueSound wireless-distributed music platform. The preamp/DAC has 192K/24-bit support, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and compatibility with the new DD BluOS module that turns it into a BlueSound music device. The M17 preamp/processor is 7.1 channels and has six HDMI inputs and two outputs. In addition to DTS and Dolby lossless decoding, it has EARS processing, which is NAD’s proprietary process to turn two-channel signals into surround.

Music Streaming on Rise in Canada – A recent Canadian report from Media Technology Monitor shows that nearly two-thirds of Canadians regularly streamed music online last year, up 61% from 2012. The most popular source for listening to music free online was YouTube, with 53% of the respondents using it. One in five said they streamed online feeds of AM and FM stations and similar number used a streaming service such as Rdio, Deezer or Slacker. Respondents said the time they streamed audio was about equal to how long they typically spent streaming TV shows and movies. While large numbers of Canadians are transitioning to digital music, most of their listening is still done in their cars. About 70% in the poll said they commonly listening to music in their cars, follow by on a computer (57%) or their TV (40%).

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