Audio News for June 29, 2012

by | Jun 29, 2012 | Audio News

Vizio Google TV Box – A day after Sony announced their first Google TV-powered set-top box, Vizio has revealed its long-promised plans for a Google TV box of its own. It is called the Co-Star Stream Player and will be sold starting next week on its website at $99. It offers the latest version of the Google TV operating system in a small cube package, providing access to thousands of apps and full-screen web browsing via Google’s Chrome browser with Adobe’s Flash Player and HTML 5 support. The box connects to cable or satellite to enable viewers to see live TV along with the web pages, apps, OnLive cloud gaming, and other streaming entertainment. It comes with a universal touchpad remote and keyboard, supports 1080p HD and 3D content, has built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi access, a USB port and DLNA support. The Sony Google box, at $100 more, also offers Bluetooth remote control, a backlit QWERTY keyboard, a three-axis motion sensor for game play, and access to Sony Entertainment Network.
Pioneer Launches Wi-Fi Speakers – Pioneer Electronics has launched its first wireless table speakers, expanded its line of computer speakers, and added a new Blu-ray player. One of the three Wi-Fi speakers is the portable AC/DC XW-SMA4 at $399, which comes with Apple AirPlay, DLNA 1.5 certification, and HTC’s Connect Program certification.
Iogear 2D-to-3D Converter – California’s Iogear has introduced its GHDSSW4 3D Complete+ video converter, which gives users real-time control over the amount of 3D effects upscaling and enhancing any 2D video to “FullHD 3D quality.”  It is a four-port HDMI switcher with 3D effect controls for 3D Level, Pop Out and Depth, to custom-tailor one’s unlimited 3D experience—since not many Blu-ray 3D discs have been released. The device also enhanced video quality of any 2D content from virtually any HDMI device, such as upgrading 720p video to 1080p. No special software is required; the converter’s suggested retail is $200.
ADA Amp for Flat-Panel TVs – Audio Design Associates is now showing their $799 Ramp PM Room Amp, which connects to both passive soundbars and stereo speakers to improve the sound quality of flat-panel TVs. It is 8 by 8 by 2 inches, is 30 watts per channel and fits behind the TV display. It has both digital and analog inputs and decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM soundtracks, and downmixes surround tracks to stereo. Four inputs allow connecting Blu-ray decks, set-top boxes and other devices; the amp automatically finds the active input. The unit can also drive an outboard amp or powered subwoofer. An optional add-on box learns IR codes of any remotes, which can then control such functions of the amp as volume, mute and input selection.

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