Audio News for March 14, 2014

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Audio News

SeeSpace Hits Kickstarter Goal for InAir TV – InAir is an “augmented TV” system that will soon roll out at a suggested $99 which plugs in with HDMI adapters between an 2D or 3D TV and and a set-top source device such as a cable box or Roku player. It connects also to home Wi-Fi networks. It delivers layered graphics experiences in 2D or 3D similar to that seen in the sci-fi movie Minority Report. Based on proprietary algorithms, the content-recognition engine intelligently identifies relevant Internet and social content in accord with what the viewer is watching and delivers it to the screen in real time. It also allows searching specific terms while watching, using a trackpad app or computer. When in 3D mode, the layers of Internet content appear positioned in front of the screen and can be manipulated by the viewer, like holograms floating in the air – hence the name of the gadget. The 3D experience is supported on 2D sets by anaglyphic (red/cyan) glasses, and on 3D sets using the set’s supporting glasses. Data manipulation is controlled in several ways, including touch gestures and simple swipes on a mobile device via a free app, and via hand gestures when paired with Kinect or Leap Motion systems. SeeSpace says it is very simple to use, and is designed with gesture in mind.

HDTracks and Liztic LLC Partnership – The two firms have joined forces to bring hi-res audio to every music lover thru Liztic’s cross-platform music technology. It basically manages and synchronizes all of someone’s music, across several libraries and operating systems. One can have their music on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices, mobile and not, all at a moment’s notice. The Liztic app also allows users to play uncompressed and hi-res audio files, as sold by HDTracks, up to 192K/24bit (FLAC/AIFF/WAV) thru external DACs.  Music from cloud-based storage can also be accessed, and the free basic Liztic version gets you up to 250 tunes on three devices. One-time upgrades ranging from $2.99 to $24.99 offer increased sync capacity for more devices. Both firms will also offer discounts to one another’s customers.  

Onkyo Works on Wireless System with Imagination Technologies – Onkyo’s CEO said “Unfortunately…audio quality has been lost in the rush for convenience,” and they are working with Imagination to develop a hi-res wireless speaker system. Onkyo has already licensed the firm’s Caskeid and FlowCloud technologies. The first uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to synchronize audiophile-quality wireless multiroom streaming and the second is a cloud-based music and radio service with thousands of music stations, on-demand programs, and more.

New Video Game Has 35GB of Uncompressed Audio – The new Titanfall game is 48GB in size, and rather than requiring all that for super-hi-def images, 35GB of it is for uncompressed audio.

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