Audio News for March 15, 2016

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Audio News

Keith Emerson of EL&P Dead at 71 – He was the founding member (1970) and keyboardist of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and a prog rock legend. He was a pioneer and innovator whose musical genius touched everyone in rock, classical and jazz. In their first four years the trio released four albums. ELP disbanded in 1979 but reunited in 1991 and made one last tour together in 2010. Aside from the trio, Emerson also did both solo albums and film scores. It is thought his death was a suicide.

Mighty Picks Up Where the iPod Shuffle Left Off – It is a 1.5-inch square screenless gadget on Kickstarter with a minimalist control scheme. You can fasten it anywhere on your clothing and it streams Spotify music without having to carry around heavy or expensive hardware. It has a partner app letting you configure the device to your preferences, and it supports wireless Bluetooth earbuds as well as having a jack for wired headphones. It can also store tracks offline in its internal storage. It’s currently $79 on Kickstarter.

Aivvy Launches Cloud-based Music Platform and Smart Headphones – Pronounced “ivy” the technology innovation company’s intention is to simplify and improve how music fans discover and enjoy music, by bundling together audio hardware, intelligent software, and a music service into one easy-to-use device. Their music platform caches files on the headphones themselves. They come with eight pre-populated music channels, but users can customize their channels with a companion app or by simply liking or skipping tracks on the device itself. When charging, the headphones connect to the Aivvy Cloud were preferences and behavioral data are analyzed and the user’s music channels are refreshed. Aivvy provides an untethered music listening experience and can be integrated into other devices. The platform acts as a ‘personal DJ,’ allowing music fans to explore diverse, customizable music channels with access to millions of tracks in the Aivvy Cloud.

Spotify Has Playlist For Classical Music Beginners – A lot of people find classical music boring. Could it be that they don’t like what they don’t understand? It’s never too late to brush up on one’s knowledge of classical music. Spotify has a new streaming playlist especially designed for the absolute beginner in classical music. It has 20 selections, some as long as an over-12-minutes movement from Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony.

Five National Anthems – Liechtenstein’s national anthem is actually the U.K.’s own God Save Our Gracious Queen, but with different words. Germany’s national anthem, the Deutschlandlied, was actually composed for Austria by Josef Haydn. It is the basis of the second movement of his String Quartet Op. 76, No. 3. South Africa’s anthem has five different languages in it. Spain gets over the political problems of choice of language by having an entirely instrumental anthem, the Marcha Granadera. And Uruguay’s anthem, Orientales, La Patria o la tumba, is the longest national anthem in the world and was inspired by bel canto opera.

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