Audio News for March 25, 2011

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UK Chip Designer Plans Growth in New Markets – UK-based chip maker ARM is set to expand into new businesses such as Internet-enabled TVs, following talks with the top five TV manufacturers, including Samsung and LG. They expect to boost market share in the DTV market to 56% in 2013, up from 32% last year. The company also designs the chips that are used in most Android-based table devices. Last year ARM’s global chip shipments spiked 55% – much higher than the 30% industry average. Other vendors for the firm besides Samsung include Texas Instruments and ST-Ericsson.

Technology Intros Speed Up – The iPad 2 first goes on sale tomorrow, but experts say that Apple is all set to announce the iPad 3 this September. The only way Apple can hold on to their tablet market share is to crank out new innovations and keep ahead of the curve. And think back to what many of us paid for our first computer – that by today’s standards was Stone Age. Back in 1998 most PCs were $2000 to $3000. Remember when flat panel 42-inch TVs first hit the market? They were priced in the tens of thousands of dollars; now you can find 42-inch LCD flat panel displays for $500.

Another DTS Audio Technology – DTS has announced its HD Audio solution for IPTV delivery.  This is separate and in addition to their recently-announced Neo:X 11.1 Surround system.  The new solutions enable consumers to enjoy IP video and advanced surround sound on their home theater systems.  HD Audio technology adapts to the platform and bandwidth, thus automatically tailoring itself to the end user’s hardware capabilities. Director of DTS worldwide licensing Ted Laverty said “The IPTV consumer experience is evolving quickly and DTS is excited to be on the forefront of the industry…”

New THX “Speaker of the Future” Design – THX demonstrated at the January Consumer Electronics Show the prototype of their Steerable Line Array speaker. Quite different from various makers’ sound bars which create pseudo-surround from under the TV display screen, this one uses 60 metal tweeters and 32 3.5-inch drivers – all powered by 92 small dedicated 100-watt amps! The whole thing is 80 inches long and runs on lithium ion phosphate batteries. It can place the “sweet spot” anywhere in the room, and even generate multiple ones so that several people in the room can all hear the same audio experience. THX doesn’t make speakers; the hope is that the prototype will show speaker makers what is possible with the new technology.

Iomega Launches HD Media Players –  The new Iomega 1TB ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player is now available at $230 with the 2TB model at $300.  There is also a TV Link DX HD Media Player at $150.  They allow users to access videos, movies, photos and music on the Internet as well as their own content, all on their own home screen at full 1080p resolution. Netflix, Pandora and more are easily available. A web browser and standard keyboard are included – users can view content on pre-selected sites and visit other sites of their choice, and with compatibility with all DLNA devices, all the computers on their home network can be connected to it to store all the media fils in one convenient location. All the popular codecs and file types are accepted.

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