Audio News for March 8, 2013

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Audio News

LG U.K. Launch of 55-inch OLED Displays – LG Electronics U.K. will have its long-anticipated 55-inch OLED HDTV available in July for about $13,100.  They had said in January that it would go on sale in the U.S. that month at $12,000, but nothing happened. The set is already on sale in South Korea. It features a 4mm screen, deep contrast ratio, low power consumption and strong color reproduction. It uses passive 3D glasses technology for 3D, and the WRGB system—which uses four sub-pixels to form a single image pixel on the screen. The sets also feature LG’s Smart TV technology.

Verizon & LTE Tops in Wireless – A survey of consumers’ experiences with calling, messaging and data connections in networks of the four national carriers in all six regions resulted in a finding that 4G LTE networks delivered the best overall wireless quality in the U.S., and Verizon Wireless—the carrier with the broadest LTE coverage—was tops in wireless-service quality in five of the six regions. Satisfaction and loyalty levels among LTE users was much higher than among people using other 3G/4G technologies.  AT&T placed second in five of the six regions, and T-Mobile ranked third in three regions. Customers experiencing more consistent network speeds are more likely to be brand advocates.

ProSource Targets ‘New’ Audio – AV and custom integration specialist ProSource, part of the BrandSource buying group, has set its merchandising sights on jumbo displays and the new wave of audio products, including high-end headphones, wireless speakers and premium soundbars. In TV, they will focus on UHD and screen sizes 65 inches and larger.

Desire for 3D and Internet Connectivity Growing –  A new IHS consumer survey found that among people planning to buy a TV, 18.8% said they plan to buy a 3D TV, and 30.7% said one of the key factors driving their purchase intent was to get an Internet-connected TV. Bigger screen-size sets was another feature becoming more important to U.S. consumers, as well as the desire to upgrade to an LED TV. 28.7% of TV-purchase intenders cited a desire for an LED TV, which is now almost half of total TV unit shipments.

TextBuster Blocks In-Car Texting, Emailing, Web Browsing – Access2Communications plans in-store availability next month of an aftermarket device preventing app-equipped Android or BlackBerry smartphones from texting, Emailing or web browsing when the vehicle’s ignition is on. The $179 TextBuster is a small box using a cable to plug into the vehicle’s under-dash databus port for power. It transmits a command signal via embedded Bluetooth to cellphones equipped with a password-protected TextBuster app, banning the above but allowing GPS-based navigation.

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