Audio News for May 17, 2016

by | May 17, 2016 | Audio News

LG Has Highest Operating Profit in Global Home Appliance Market – South Korea’s electronics giant LG Electronics has recorded the highest operating profit rate this year among the top home appliance producers in the world. The others are Whirlpool, Electrolux, Daikin and Samsung Electronics. Despite the off-season and unfavorable overseas business conditions caused by the strong dollar, major home appliance makers in the world have shown an upturn from last year.

Audio-enhancing BoomStick Now at Sprint Stores – The unassuming plug-in ($79) promises a peculiar sort of audio magic and claims to make the cheap Apple ear pods sound better than a $200 to $300 headphone. Before Sprint began marketing the unit it was limited to online sales primarily thru Amazon and BoomCloud 360’s own site. It can be used on a smart phone, computer, tablet or iPod.

Nura Headphones Craft Supposedly Perfect Audio – An entirely new approach is used in the Nura headphones by packing in the hardware that calculates your personal sound profile based on the shape and condition of your inner ear, no equalizer required. Inside the cup of each phone are a pair of in-ear buds, which are essential to Nura’s unique sound profile. Inside each bud is small mic that listens to the inside of your ear. Sounds going into your ear generate an aural response from your cochlea which has a wealth of information about the shape and condition of your inner ear. The Nura then figures out what sort of audio will sound best of your and adjust the sound coming from the headphones accordingly.

You need to set up the Nura companion app for your own special hearing. That profile is then stored in the headphones, and then can be used with any media player. A button even lets you bounce between your profile and that of a friend. The bass makes its appearance at the outer ear cup which vibrates on your outer ear to enhance your perception of the low end. An older reviewer said that the Nura basically gave him a piece of your youth back, not just by showing him what music could sound like, but what it used to sound like when he had better ears. The Nura early-bird price on Kickstarter is $179, backers can get one for $249 and the eventual retail will be $399.

Moviefone Has Suggestions on a Simple Home Theater
– They say TV tech is better than ever and even entry-level screens have hit close to the theatrical mark. Screen sizes 50-plus inches are no longer cost prohibitive. Select a picture that appeals to you, not necessarily going by the specs. Be sure to invest in separate speakers than those built into sets, even if it is just simple 5.1 soundbar. Don’t forget a comfy couch or seats with reclining sections and built-in cupholders. Don’t neglect the lighting, and if you have hard flooring, throw a hefty area rug in front of the couch. Finally, how about a table-top popcorn popper?ß And bust out your movie memorabilia posters.

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