Audio News for May 29, 2012

by | May 29, 2012 | Audio News

HDTT Releases Rare Recordings by Paul Klipsch in Hi-Res – High Definition Tape Transfers is offering first generation stereo copies of original stereo master recordings by Paul Klipsch made in the 1950s. The home-grown recordings were recently rediscovered and they stand up well in today’s audio world. They are available as FLAC downloads or hi-res DVDs at 192K/24, 96K/24, or 44.1K/16 quality, as well as standard and HQ CDs. The program includes a pipe organ recital by John Eargle (later recording engineer for Delos Records), some tracks by Flem Ferguson’s Dixieland band, and a demonstration tape by John Eargle which includes several tracks. A rare 1954 interview with Paul Klipsch is also included.
Chesky Records Introduces Binaural Series – Chesky Records has introduced their Binaural+ Series, which was stimulated by the expanded interest in stereo headphones due to the computer world. They are recorded in hi-res 192K/24-bit sound with a special binaural dummy head replicating the human head, and processed with crosstalk-cancellation technology known as BACCH 3D Sound to offer enhanced sonics when play thru loudspeakers instead of headphones. The idea is to bring listeners even closer to the actual events by capturing more spatial realism for the home audiophile market.
New Amazon “‘Never Before” DVD Store – unveiled its Never Before On DVD store last week, which offers customers the opportunity to purchase DVD copies of up to 2000 more obscure film and TV titles not previously available on the disc format. Material from Warner, Fox, Sony and Disney is included. The TV offerings will included CBS Networks, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, MTV Networks, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon. CreateSpace will provide one-time replication of the DVDs thru their DVD On Demand service. Blu-rays will not be available.
Growing Demand for Home Tech Installation – A new Consumer Electronics Association survey shows that there is a growing homeowners’ demand to access entertainment anywhere in the home, as well as rising concerns about energy costs relating to home automation and lighting controls. The biggest gains were in structured wiring, energy-management solutions, automated lighting controls and home automation. In 2011 multi-room audio and home theater installations rebounded strongly after their recession-period lows. Remodeling existing homes provided 57% of builder technology, and one in five builders said remodeling generated more revenue than new-home building in the past year.

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