Audio News for May 29, 2015

by | May 29, 2015 | Audio News

Lenovo Plans $49 Streaming Media Device – Lenovo Cast, planned for August availability, will display smartphone and tablet-stored content on a home TV, plugging into its HDMI port. It will come with a one-meter cable, 1080p video, and games from DLNA- or Miracast-enabled smartphones and tablets. With Wi-Fi it has up to a 66 ft. coverage thru walls with 15 meters for 1080p video over the 5GHz band. The HDMI 1.3 port has HDCP 2.0 copy protection.

DirecTV Launches Two New Satellites – Having launched a new satellite in December, DirecTV just launched two more to expand capacity of HD and4K UHD channels in the U.S. and Latin America. One is first DirecTV satellite able to operate in all five DirectTV U.S. orbital slots and in all frequency bands, and the other satellite will double HD capacity in Latin America. Both are designed to provide service for more than 15 years. They were launched from the European Spaceport in French Guiana.

Dolby Audio Extended to Windows 10 & Edge Browser – Microsoft’s new Edge browser will be only one to leverage Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital Plus surround in Windows 10. It will also for the first time allow streaming online audio content. The idea is to match the visual of H.264 video with mtulichannel audio. Dolby Digital Plus has been updated for crisper sound, clear dialog and improved detail. Windows 10 will also add Dolby Digital Plus Portable Mode, which is a dynamic-range control optimized for playback over built-in speakers and headphones.

Some Startling Statistics About China and Technology – There are: 1.39 Chinese consumers, 90+ Chinese cities with populations over a million, 649 million web users in China, $300 billion annual online sales in China, 700+ million smart devices owned in China, $268 billion consumer electronics sales in China last year, 68%: projected share of the world’s middle class by China in 2030, 98.2 million Chinese citizens will travel to another country as a tourist this year, 13.9% growth in Chinese auto sales in 2014, now the world’s largest car market, $3.87 trillion: Value of China exports and imports in 2013, surpassing the U.S.

Klaus Heymann of Naxos Wins Yale University Medal – The founder of the pioneer in the distribution of digital music was presented last week with the highest honor the Yale School of Music gives, the Sanford Medal. Naxos was the first label (in 1996) to make its entire catalog available for streaming online. Its group of companies is active in 15 countries, and it has published numerous music education books, e-books and apps.

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