Audio News for Nov. 1, 2016

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Audio News

Thalia Symphony’s New Maestro Wants Seldom-heard Composers – Joseph Pollard White, now conducting the community-based orchestra in Seattle in their opening concert November 4 says: “I’m really not interested in hearing every last note by Mozart when there’s so much music by other composers that doesn’t get heard at all.” Thalia was founded in 1948 and White has designed its first program to take the audience on a “little surf-to-turf journey,” including music of Seattle composer in the ‘30s and ‘40s, George McKay.

Google Acquires Eyefluence to Enhance VR – Eyefluence is know for the development of a series of devices related tracking eye behavior in virtual and augmented reality applications. The company also produces the LeadPad tablet for kids. Google is gearing developments for VR to smartphones, using its new Pixel phone that is enabled by its Daydream VR headset. This many lead to vast developments of products, strategic forms of services and improved device features. Google is incorporating the eye-tracking feature and sensors for the purpose of user interaction within the virtual space of its new premium standalone headset. Facebook and Microsoft have also been venturing on research and development related to their AR and VR applications.

Microsoft Did the “Touch Bar” First, But Later Thought Better of It – Apple has just introduced its latest innovation, the Touch Bar, but Microsoft showed the same idea in 2010, called an Adaptive keyboard. Microsoft has now done something similar in their Surface, which has a DisplayCover and a tactile keyboard which also supports dynamic UI manipulation, concurrent access to multiple applications, stylus annotation, gestures and trackpad interactions on the horizontal plane.

NVIDIA Rolls Out Upgrade 3.3 to Shield Android TV – The new software update brings several improvements to pass-thru audio in apps, and adds an updated version of the Vulkan graphics API ( Conformance Test Suite), and is still based on Marshmallow. It has DTS:X Audio and Dolby Atmos as well as the latest monthly Android security updates.Those with Plex will hear improved audio, and if there were bugs in Vulkan games before, there will be fewer now.

Sony Super Hi-End Hi-Res Series – Sony is setting out to achieve the appropriate price point for its Signature Series, which is one that ordinary consumers will usually baulk at. They have two hi-end Walkman audio players (although we reviewed a fine cheap one), a headphone amp, and a pair of closed-back headphones. The entire setup can cost up to $9600. (Sony also advertises “Hi-Res” turntables – there is no such thing.)

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