Audio News for November 26, 2013

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Audio News

Fight Between Apple and Digital Music News Over Digital Copyright – Apple made Digital Music News take down a  copy of its iTunes Radio contract on Scribd which had been posted by DMN to analyze and discuss the contract. DMN says the posting was perfectly fair use and has since placed it directly on its own server, along with an article entitled “Who’s Screwing You Worse: iTunes Radio or Pandora?”  Apple tried to say the posting was criminal according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which was passed in 1998 and controls digital rights management (DRM). The DMCA exempted Internet service providers and intermediaries from copyright liability.

1893 Recording of Black Vocal Group is Auctioned – A 120-year-old wax cylinder recording by the New York-based Unique Quartet sold for $1,100 at an auction in Maine after being discovered in a private collection there. There is one other copy of it at the Library of Congress. The wax was so fragile that auctioneers didn’t dare try to play it. Robert Darden, who is working to save black gospel music by digitizing existing recordings thru the Black Music Restoration Project, said that all pre-digital black sacred music is at risk, whether it be on cylinders, discs or cassette recordings. During WWII many cylinder recordings and 78s were melted down and recycled to support the war effort.

Six Horrible Violent Video Games to Keep Your Kids Away From This Holiday:

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
Grand Theft AutoV
Ryse: Son of Rome
Saints Row IV
The Last of Us
(Thanks to ConsumerReports)

Iowa Gets Over $275,000 in Google Settlement –  Google will pay the state of Iowa more than $275,000 as part of a $17 million national settlement over violating consumer provicy. Google found a way to alter default privacy settings in Safari browsers without consumers’ knowledge or consent. Such coding allowed the company to gather information about consumers, including their online surfing habits. It disabled the cobing in 2012 after the practice was reported. The money will go to the state’s consumer education and litigation fund.

Funny Video Clips Most-Watched by People Online – The NY Times Consumer Insights Group did a survey to find that 52% of people were watching funny video clips most often, followed by movie clips (46%) and music videos (39%). 71% cited “make me laugh” as a goal. Short-form professional video entertainment rules online video. The survey also found that 25% are watching less broadcast TV than a year ago, and of that group 35% a doing do because of the influence of online video. Cord-cutting is growing too: The top reason for watching less broadcast TV was that people have less time (43%), followed by cable/satellite TV being too expensive (36%). So silly cat videos are not over…

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