Audio News for November 27, 2015

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Audio News

Futuristic Universal Remote – Asian-based firm AICO Tech has unveiled a Kickstarter effort to produce a new gaget named the SmartEgg together with a companion app which is loaded onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Its database can access over 5500 remote controler maps and 125,000 infared codes, enabling you to set up the universal remote control easily right out of the box. It not only allows hiding away all your mutiple remotes for AV (replacing over 3700 remote controls), but also controls 16 categories of home appliances, heating, lights, and all aspects of in-home automation. One tap can control most anything. It has a range of up to 50m and uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 beacon technology. The SmartEgg even reminds you if you leave it behind somewhere. There is no price listed online as yet, but the Kickstarter effort seems to be under $100.

Nearly Two Million UHD TVs Sold To Date in 2015 – This is one figure in the Third Quarter DEG (Digital Entertainment Group) Report, tracking sources and retail input. Electronic sell-thru was up double digits for both the quarter and the year, and home entertainment spending remained stable. U.S. home entertainment spending reached $13 billion and outpaced box office value on video release by nearly 6%. There are now over 96 milliion HDTV households in the U.S. and nearly 80 million of them own Blu-ray decks.

Apple May include OLED Displays in iPhones by 2018 – The company has already notified its suppliers about its plans so that they can ramp up their facilities accordingly. The move of many smartphone manufacturers to OLED is upsetting the Asian suppliers because the current LCD displays take many more parts than OLED displays. There will be no need for backlights with OLED, thereby reducing consumption costs, and there will be improved brightness, contrast and efficiency. Samsung – the only OLED provider for Apple – is said to have alrady received the contract to provide OLED displays for the Apple Watch. While OLEDs will dominate the smartphone market, quantum-dot LCDs and reflective technology will treble today’s figures for display sales to reach over $21 billion by 2020.

Pandora Listeners Say Hello to Adele – After streaming companies said British singer Adele’s new album 25 would not be avilable for streaming, Pandora Media presented listeners with the entire album, sending their shares up on the market. The much-anticipated album is not available for streaming on any other digital music service.

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