Audio News for November 7, 2014

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Audio News

Concerts in Bars and Cafes Saving Classical Music – Classical Revolution is bringing a waning genre back to the people via chamber groups performing in places where usually only rock, folk or jazz was heard. New players are welcomed into the fold. The movement is taking place in 30 cities around the world. It’s all volunteer work, tho some musicians get modest cash from venues and tips. There is skyrocketing interest from musicians and listeners and a frequent line out the door at venues offering the concerts. Many orchestra and symphonies are struggling with budget cut and dwindling ticket sales, and many professionals worry about classical dying. But in spite of the noise and the drinking, these concerts seem more alive than ever. The group is trying to get nonprofit status. Groups in Korea and Iceland want to start new chapters.

Stop Being So Snobbish About Classical Music – Alan Titchmarsh has a good column in The Telegraph about how classical music is something to be shared and enjoyed by all.  He wishes the appeal of classical music was broadened and the sheer joy that can be derived from it was shared by as wide a range of folk as possible. He says musical snobs all too often confuse accessibility with “dumbing down.” He doesn’t care if people clap between movements of symphonies or admit that the Wm. Tell Overture always makes them think of The Lone Ranger. He feels that such an admission displays a welcome sense of enjoyment, a wider knowledge of the real world and a healthier grasp of life.

Best Place to Shop for Electronics – Consumer Reports says that’s from your own home on your computer. You can find exactly what you want, no pressure, and you have access to handy comparisons as well. When you have decided, you can buy it. Four out of ten electronic devices are purchased online now. And surveys show online buyers are happiest with their purchases. But the majority of shoppers still do so on their feet. Apple products got a thumbs up but the prices are considered too high. Costco prices were good but the selection was compromised. Wal-Mart also got low ratings. TV shoppers were found to be especially successful at bargaining; some saving as much as $100 in stores.

Consumer Electronics in the UK – The Euromonitor International Consumer Electronics Report is a comprenehsive guide to the in-home, portable and in-car consumer electronic products markets at a national level. It identifies leading companies, brands, and offers stragtegic analysis of key factors influencing the market and how the market is set to change.

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