Audio News for October 17, 2014

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Audio News

Hi-Res at Recent AES Convention – At the 137th convention of the Audio Engineering Society in Los Angeles last weekend there were four different sessions during the day on the current and future direction of hi-res from various perspectives. Representatives from leading consumer audio brands participated, and high-performance audio products were displayed on the AES convention exhibition floor. Among the things discussed at the High Resolution Audio (HRA) programs were content creation, digital distribution, licensing of hi-res music files, archiving, subscription models, market and promotion of hi-res music, compatibility of playback devices, and more. Most audio developments have been incubated and promoted within the AES community, starting with stereo LPs, continuing with magnetic tape, digital audio and the CD, MP3, and today’s digital streaming formats. So it was a natural to present comprehensive information on HRA, which they define as “lossless audio that is capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better-than-CD-quality music sources.”

Astell&Kern Create Special Hi-Res Edition for Blue Note 75th Anniversary – Legendary jazz label Blue Note Records has partnered with high-end audio manufacturer Astell&Kern to offer an exclusive limited edition hi-res box set for their 75th Anniversary. It features 75 of the label’s essential albums, newly remastered from analog tape for the first time to a hi-res MQS digital format of 192K/24-bit. Five Blue Note albums also make their hi-res debut with the release, including Art Blakey, Don Cherry, Andrew Hill, Bobby Hutcherson and Tina Brooks. Astell&Kern’s AK240 hi-res portable audio player is part of the collection, with a 100-page book filled with the original album art, a new book on Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression, and a special stand. Aficionados can now experience the classic recordings just as the musicians originally did. All 75 albums are on a micro SD card in a unique case. Only 1000 of the packages with the custom blue AK240 player will be available worldwide. Price: $6000.

Airline Union Wants to Return to Passengers Stowing Electronics – The largest flight attendants union says it wants airline passengers to return to stowing their cellphones and other electronics during takeoffs and landings, tho their arguments failed to fly in a Washington, DC courtroom. It is not about interference. They feel the various devices can become dangerous projectiles and that letting passengers keep them out violates an FAA regulation.

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