Audio News for October 18, 2013

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Audio News

New DTS Headphone:X Technology – Completely immersive surround sound—up to 11.1 channels—is now possible via any stereo headphones, from hi-res film or audio soundtracks using the new DTS Headphone:X codec. The idea is to create an immersive surround soundfield, even with mobile devices and computer games, similar to that offered by the few expensive 5.1 headphone systems, but actually programmed for up to 11.1 channels—not pseudo-surround. Though the codec is not yet available in a stand-alone unit, preamp or receiver, it is part of the Turtle Beach Earforce i60 headphones for gaming, and has been used on the soundtrack of the movie Man of Steel as well as the Hans Zimmer music score for the film Rush. It is also available as a free app for smartphones known as the Z+ app. The main idea is to “elevate the audio experience in mobile devices.” For the full effect the technology must be mastered and mixed for the 11.1 channel environment, and embedded in the hi-res audio file. Android-using devices are the first to be served, with iOS to be later. Qualcomm parts used in many devices will sport DTS Headphone:X. Eventually it is hoped it will be furnished as an option on home multichannel components. The technology is said to be hearable on all stereo phones, from basic earbuds to the most high-end headphones. The website is:

New Dolby Home Theater System – The Home Theatre Experience is San Francisco-based Dolby’s latest in surround sound, designed to make every room in a home feel like a movie theatre. One option is basically a home-theater-in-a-box system from RCA, at only $250. It consists of a claimed 1000-watt system with Bluetooth wireless technology, an FM-AM tuner, Dolby Pro Logic II, 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, and connects to a Blu-ray player and cable/satellite box, allowing one to experience Dolby Digital surround without having to change the inputs on the TV. The system includes five front and rear speakers, a subwoofer and remote control. Dolby also offers Dolby Digital Plus for discrete multichannel surround on its Cinexplayer for iOS, Pro Logic IIx and IIz in selected components, Virtual Speaker—which enables realistic 5.1 surround sound from just two speakers, and Digital EX—which creates a virtual center speaker in surround setups with only two frontal speakers. The Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound system is being installed in an expanding number of commercial movie theaters. Dolby technology was used for the first time to broadcast movie clips at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

New LG Electronics Cinema 3D Smart TVs – The comprehensive home entertainment systems from LG enable content-sharing from devices to the TV display and vice versa. The Magic Remote simplifies the user experience and is compared to a mouse on a computer. The Internet connection allows access to Facebook, Twitter and all Internet facilities. The built-in 4 GB memory of the Time Machine allows recording live TV shows, as well as rewind and pause on playback.

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