Audio News for October 25, 2016

Terry Currier of Portland’s Music Millennium Wins Award – The Independent Spirit Award was given to Terry Currier at the Music Biz 2017 Convention in Nashville. He has been a true music business pioneer for four-plus decades, with his concept of live in-store performances, and for helping to create the Coalition of Independent Music Stores 20 years ago. The president of Music Biz said he has played a massive role in advocating for the health and vitality of independent music retail.

ECM New Series on Contemporary Composers – The first two composers covered in the new ECM CD series are Meredith Monk and Gavin Bryars.

KlikR Universal Remote Control – lets you control anything electronic in your home from a companion smartphone app if you simple stick a KlikR onto the gadget. It is for a limited time only $19.99 from the Daily Dot store, with free shipping in the U.S. You can organize your devices by room, you can silence your audio if a call comes in, and you can give it voice commands.

Samsung Facing a Home Revolt –  Due to the debacle surrounding the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone for overheating and bursting into flame, hundreds of owners have filed a class-action lawsuite demanding compensation. It is the strongest public opposition thus far to the ascension of the new Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee. The problem has pierced Samsung’s 47-year aura of invulnerability at home and prompts greater scrutiny of a South Korean national champion that once could do no wrong.

140,000 VR Units Sold by Vive – The comparatively expensive consumer electronics unit may still be a niche product, but it shows that VR is beginning to happen. It will probably be in spurts, the experts say, like the rise of 3DTV that has occurred over the past few years. Many are waiting until they see compelling content in VR.

Amjad Ali Kahn Says Classical Musicians Are Not Entertainers – The East Indian sarod maestro says Bollywood thinks only of entertainment music, but classical music is different. Bollywood’s vision and angle is different. “We are not entertainers – we take ahead the legacy of classical music.”

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