Audio News for September 18, 2012

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Audio News

45rpm Vinyl Reissues of Gerhardt Film Score Series – Original Recordings Group (ORG), which has been receiving kudos for their series of double-45rpm-vinyl audiophile reissues, has announced the first two of what may be eventually the entire legendary film scores series for RCA Victor conducted by Charles Gerhardt: Citizen Kane – The Music of Bernard Herrmann, and Sunset Boulevard – The Music of Franz Waxman. Both feature the London Symphony Orchestra and were recorded in Kingsway Hall, London. These orchestral scores were all performed by full symphony orchestras and masterfully recorded by Kenneth Wilkinson, greatly surpassing the limited musicians and sonics on the original movie soundtracks. Among the other greats from the period are Elmer Bernstein, Tiomkin, Raksin, Korngold, Steiner, Rozsa, and Newman. Bernie Grundman is remastering the recordings on his new all-analog mastering system. Release date is Spring of 2013.
Americans Replace TVs Every Seven Years – A survey by DisplaySearch shows that in the U.S. TVs are being replaced more frequently now than in the past; the replacement cycle has fallen from 8.4 years to 6.9 years. But we still behind the UK, China and Brazil, where the average age of replacing TVs runs from a bit over three years to six. 31% of households said they planned to replace their existing main TV over the coming year and 22% plan to add another TV in their home. The reasons are driven by falling prices, the desire to have the latest technology, and a preference for ever-larger TVs.
Obama’s Tweet Might Save American Orchestras? – President Obama’s tweet at the Democratic Convention when he said following Michelle’s speech that “she’s the conductor and I’m second fiddle” might help symphony orchestras crisis thruout the U.S.  This includes Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Detroit. It’s a long shot, but the greater acceptance of women conductors could grow the classical music industry hugely by their presenting classical music in ways that haven’t been heard by audiences before.
New Oppo Decks in December – More features have been added to the successful BDL-93 and BDP-94 universal players in the BDP-103 and BDP-105, available in December. Both will continue to support 3D, but add 4K upscaling to create an image 4K by 2K. The 105 will feature a headphone amp, a better power supply, and two HDMI outs.

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