Audiophile Audition 40th Anniversary

Audiophile Audition Turns 40!


Yes, it was 5 January 1980 that John Sunier introduced his new radio show, Audiophile Audition.  (The Origins of Audiophile Audition). The distribution of the show grew, ultimately to become syndicated by some 200 radio stations.  The show hosted reviews of high end audio system components and recent recordings across a broad musical spectrum.  Around the turn of the century, this morphed into the website, and carried its popularity from the radio waves to the Internet.

Origin of AudAud, Part 2, 012

John Sunier and “Oscar II” Photo from the first Binaural Source catalog (1990).

The site continued to review components and recordings over the years, tracking the ongoing changing technologies.  When Sunier died unexpectedly in 2017, (Sunier Remembered), a core team decided to carry the site forward, appreciating the artist and his legacy.

Now, as Audiophile Audition turns 40, we are taking a well-deserved holiday.  The site will continue to operate, hosting its many reviews that have accumulated over the years, albeit with a reduced staff.

During this time, we welcome others who want to join the team.  If you are an enthusiast, perhaps with an entrepreneurial spirit, and would like to become involved with the site, please contact operations.

We recognize and celebrate the efforts of those who contributed to the success of the site — our many viewers and advertisers, our array of writers who covered a broad range of music, our vendors and publicists who helped provide recent releases and cutting edge audio hardware, and of course that inspirational spirit of John Sunier, truly one of a kind.


Portrait John Sunier

John Sunier