Creation – Keith Jarrett, solo piano – ECM

by | Jun 28, 2015 | Jazz CD Reviews

Creation – Keith Jarrett, solo piano – ECM 2450 [Distr. by Universal) *****:

This compilation of  improvisations recorded during 2014 in various halls around the world, is (in the words of another reviewer; “…one of the finest examples of solo improvisation.”)  Beautiful, more intense, more laid back and more private than his other improvisation recordings.  There are nine live tracks which Jarrett selected from a 2014 solo piano tour of Toronto, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. They are all really exquisite and inspired, and his vocal sounds are about at the level of Glenn Gould’s – not really that distracting once you get used to them. Jarrette was at a high level of creation during the three months, and the best of it is preserved for all time here. The piano engineering of Manfred Eicher cannot be equaled at the 44.1/16 sampling rate.

No applause is heard at beginning or ends of these lovely improvisations, There is a feeling of unity among them, even tho they came from all these different locations. Jarrett has done many albums of trio and quartet jazz, as well as early efforts in various styles, but this is surely one of this greatest solo piano efforts, right next to the Koln Concerts CDs. A true winner!

—John Henry

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