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To be one of the ten lucky AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers receiving the 11-SACD set PentaTone – The First 10 Years all you need to do is register using our simple non-intrusive email-protected form. Here are just some of the selections on the set, with PentaTone’s leading artists:

TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade for Strings; Souvenir de Florence; Romeo & Juliet Ov.; DVORAK: New World Sym.; Romance for Violin & Orch.; Russian Violin Concertos; BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonatas; SCHMITT: Early Symphonies and Ch. Music; MOZART: Piano Concertos; CHOPIN: The 2 Piano Concertos; SZYMANOWSKI: Violin Concerto; GORDON GETTY: Orchestral Music; BRUCKNER: Sym. No. 7; Bonus disc with 70 min. of classical surround sound, plus test tones & effects.  The ten winners will be announced early in our December issue.
(Very few registrants are filling out our few fields re: # of computers, technologies, percentages of different genres in your library. We ask little personal information, but without those details we cannot select you for a possible winner of a particular genre of recordings or computer peripheral.)

Here are the five winners of the iWow 3D Audio Enhancement Adaptor—our October giveaway: Gary Pahler, Louisville KY; Eduardo Bolanos, El Paso TX; Gilbert Gaynor, Santa Barbara CA; Charles Scasserra, Princeton NJ; Ester Gill, Riverside CA. Congrats to all!



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