Everlast – White Trash Beautiful

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Everlast – White Trash Beautiful; Island Def Jam B0002542-36 Hybrid Multichannel SACD ***1/2: 

Everlast started his musical career as a rapper for the band House of
Pain where he had the hit “Jump Around.”  After several years he
enjoyed success in his solo career with “What It’s Like” and played
with Santana on his Supernatural record.  In 2004, he released
this record.  It starts off initially strong, slows down a bit
with some tracks that sound similar, and then picks up towards the
end.  It’s hard to classify the style of music on this record,
because Everlast borrows from a few different genres.  First is
the guitar-based backdrop, then you have the hip hop beat, and don’t
forget the sampling and partly sung rap.  Also, there are slower
tunes like track two and three (that are noteworthy).  Still, it
would probably be considered alternative hip hop.  The focus is up
front with the surrounds primarily utilized to increase the sense of
space although occasionally you’ll hear instruments in the rear. 
The quality of sound approaches the best CDs.  A lot of the songs
are about relationships, women, and being alone.  “Sleepin Alone”
is a song that needs no explanation.  The record is consistent
throughout, so if you like any of the material, you can expect more of
the same.  “Soul Music” is not a soul tune, has a harder edge than
the other tracks on the disc, and really falls under rap.  There
is something about the sound of “God Wanna” that hits a nerve—it’s 70s,
80s, 90s and new all at the same time.  It takes a few listens,
but the record will start to grow on you. 

Songs included are:  Blinded By The Sun; Broken; White Trash
Beautiful; Sleepin Alone; The Warning; Angel; This Kind Of Lonely; Soul
Music; God Wanna; Lonely Road; Sad Girl; Ticking Away; Pain; Pieces Of
Drama; Maybe.

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