Frasier — Complete Sixth Season (1998-99)

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Frasier – The Complete Sixth Season (1998-1999)

Starring: Kelsey Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, Dan Butler
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
Video: 4:3 Fullscreen
Audio: English, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
Subtitles: Closed Captions
Length: 528 minutes total
Rating: ****

Achieving an Emmy Award record for most consecutive wins (5) for an
Outstanding Comedy Series, Frasier is a spin-off of the popular
television show, Cheers.  Set in Seattle, Frasier follows the
lives of radio show psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, his high-strung
psychiatrist brother Niles, their gruff, ex-cop father Martin, Martin’s
live-in home-care provider Daphne, and Frasier’s radio show producer
Roz.  The entire 23 episodes from the 1998-1999 season are
contained on four discs. 

Memorable episodes from the Sixth Season include: “The Seal Who Came to
Dinner” where Niles hosts a beach house dinner party in hopes of
winning his dinner club’s ‘Golden Apron’ award but a dead, smelly seal
on the beach threatens to ruin his chances; “Merry Christmas, Mrs.
Moskowitz” in which Frasier pretends to be Jewish when his girlfriend’s
mother comes to visit during the holidays but the charade is made more
difficult with the numerous decorations in his apartment and when Niles
arrives in his Christmas pageant wardrobe; and “I.Q.” where Frasier and
Niles compete with each other after discovering the results of their
childhood intelligence tests.

(Disc One: Good Grief; Frasier’s Curse; Dial ‘M’ for Martin; Hot
Ticket; First, Do No Harm; Secret Admirer.  Disc Two: How to Bury
a Millionaire; The Seal Who Came to Dinner; Roz, A Loan; Merry
Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz; The Good Samaritan; Our Parents,
Ourselves.  Disc Three: The Show Where Woody Shows Up; Three
Valentines; To Tell the Truth; Decoys; Dinner Party; Taps at the
Montana.  Disc Four:  I.Q.; Dr. Nora; When a Man Loves Two
Women; Visions of Daphne; Shutout in Seattle).

The overall video quality for this DVD set is very good.  Images
are unblemished with fine detail.  Colors are bright and vivid
with well saturated hues.  Black levels are consistently
dark.  Picture defect mastering is solid with no major flaws or
compression artifacts.  The overall audio quality is good. 
The soundtrack mix is heavily weighted towards the forward
soundstage.  Dialogue is intelligible and securely anchored in the
center channel.  Surround activity is limited to the audience
laugh track and opening theme song. 

Reference equipment: [Video monitor- NetTV
DTV-34XRT; Video scaler- DVDO HD+ Video Scaler; DVD player- Philips
Q35AT; A/V Receiver- Sherwood Newcastle R-963T; Speakers- Acoustech 5.1
channel speaker system; Tactile Transducer- Clark Synthesis TST 329
Gold; Cables and Wires- ]

— Calvin Harding Jr. 


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