Gene Simmons – ***Hole — Simmons Records Ltd.

by | May 12, 2005 | CD+DVD | 0 comments

Gene Simmons – ***Hole — Simmons Records Ltd., Sublicensed to
Sanctuary Records Group/Silverline Records. — 284601-2 — Dual Disc,
45 minutes
DVD Side: Entire album in DVD-A 5.1 surround sound and
stereo, Firestarter Music Video, Photos, Lyrics and ROM Content ***:
[Parental Advisory Explicit Content]
I am not a member of the Kiss Army, but sign me up now! Simmons Records
Ltd. has released ***Hole, by Gene Simmons. Another Dual Disc that
fails to disappoint. The 13 track album is Gene’s latest pacifier for
any Kiss fan, and his first solo effort since 1978. With his cover
version of Prodigy’s Firestarter, Gene liberates his pop/rave ego that
he has been so eager to let out of the cage.

The mass of soldiers used to put this album together spans many genres
and decades of music. Bob Dylan helped out with the writing on the
surprise hit, Waiting For The Morning Light. The Zappa family; Dweezl,
Gayle, Moon, and Ahmet all join in as there is also a spoken word and
guitar selection from the archives of Frank Zappa on the song Black
Tongue. Dave Navarro helped out with guitar on Firestarter. As well as
the Tweed/Simmons families singing background on Whatever Turns You On,
Carnival of Souls, and Now That You Are Gone.

The disappointment of this album is that it is only 45 minutes long.
There are pop, folk, jazz, rave and rock songs on ***Hole. The CD was
over when I thought it was really going somewhere. I love the funkiness
of it! Gene still has what it takes to put out a great album. ***Hole
will not collect dust on your shelf.

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