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Dvorak&BeeBLUsOur drawing/giveaway for April is for a dozen of the new Universal/DGG Pure Audio Blu-ray albums of classic symphonic recordings by Karajan, Kleiber and Fricsay. Two Pure Audio Blu-rays each will go out in early May to three AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers who register on our simple form this month, and two others each will go out to three other AUD/AUD readers. Here is our review of one of the four Blu-rays. The six lucky winners will be announced on our Editorial Page next month, where you’ll find more details this month.

The 1st is/was April Fools, and if you want some music humor for the day, just enter April Fools in our site search and you’ll be taken to the April Fools specials we did in 2005 and 2010.

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