Indigos – Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 

Studio: HDTT (from 15 ips 2-track tape recorded by Columbia in NYC in 1957) Transfer is playable on any universal deck. *****: 

A delightful Ellington album in truly hi-res form. 

So nice to have this great Ellington album in really good hi-res sound. With Jimmy Woode on the bass, Sam Woodyard the drums, Paul Gonsalves on tenor sax, Jimmy Hamilton and Russell Procope on clarinet & alto sax, and Johnny Hodges and Rick Henderson on alto sax and Harry Carney on baritone sax, Ellington’s writing for the talents of each performer is nowhere more clear than on this album.

Ellington hated the term “jazz” and considered his music just great music. He began to play professionally at age 17. His unique blend of melodies, rhythms and subtle sonic movements gave audiences a new experience—complex yet accessible jazz. Bathe in the unique sounds of his band in their wonderful album.


1. Prelude to A Kiss
2. Willow Weep for Me
3. Tenderly
4. Dancing in the Dark
5. Solitude
6. Where or When
7. Mood Indigo
8. Autumn Leaves

—John Sunier