Jacqui Dankworth – Back to You – Top Music Ultra Disc stereo-only SACD UD-SACD8937.2; Sound ****1/2 Music ***½:

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Jacqui Dankworth – Back to You – Top Music Ultra Disc stereo-only SACD UD-SACD 8937.2;   Sound ****1/2    Music ***½:

(Musicians: Malcolm Edmonstone, Chris Allard, Alec Dankworth, Dudley Philips, Roy Dodds, Ralph Salmins & Anthony Kerr)

Jacqui is English jazz/pop singer, with an impressive pedigree. She is the daughter of jazz musician/composer John Dankworth (who died this year) and well-known jazz singer Cleo Laine. This is a 2010 release from Audacious Records that has been remastered for SACD by Top Music. The album contains 12 cuts, of which six are written or co-written by Jacqui. Other songs on the album were written by James Taylor, Randy Newman, Foy Vance, Keb Mo, and Sting. The music is easy-listening/jazz/pop in nature.

The sound quality of the album is very good. Her voice is well-centered , with a good image and sense of presence. She presents a straight forward version of the music. I would have liked a little more feeling in her singing. The backup instruments are very well recorded with a good balance with Jacqui. The recording will not excite the superficial high-end audiophile. There is not a whole lot of low bass or tinkling highs. However you are hearing sound like real music played in a real room, making this is a very good album. Some people may however feel it is a bit too easy-listening.

The album was made in Japan. It was recorded in 192K/24-bit and then mastered using the Sadie DSD 8 Series 5 system.

      1. The Secret Of Life                
      2. Underline Our Love                
      3. Every Time It Rains                
      4. Rushing On                
      5. One Friend                
      6. Change Your Mind                
      7. (Walking) Back To You                
      8. I Was Brought To My Senses                
      9. Prayer For Peace                
    10. Beppo                
    11. Please Answer                
    12. Galileo 

— Clay Swartz

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