k.d. lang – Invincible Summer (Warner Bros.)

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k. d. lang – Invincible Summer; Warner Bros. 9 47605-9 DVD-A
Rating:  ***1/2:

This disc falls under the category of adult contemporary music. 
It won’t be popular on “hit radio” stations today, but that doesn’t
mean it isn’t worth investigation.  The mood is mellow and
seductive infused with k.d.’s famous vocal howling.  The mix
sounds reminiscent of the other two k.d. lang records I own—All You Can
Eat and Ingénue.  The first track is a good starter with a nice
beat and instrumentation to match, but the real gem is the title track,
“Summerfling.”  It’s an instantly likable pop song with catchy
hooks.  The music just seems to float from the speakers soft,
light, and airy—capturing the mood of the intended subject matter
expertly.  If you happen to check out the video, you’ll find the
picture quality is gorgeous.  Some of the other songs have a
tendency to blend together, but if you like the direction of the first
few songs, then you are likely to enjoy the rest of the album. 
There isn’t any new ground being broken, no pushing of the envelope,
but the result is a good production of well-crafted tunes.

This disc offers the option of lyrics, still pictures, or song credits
while the music plays.  There is also a photo gallery, and
biography section.  The surround channels are very subtly utilized
with most of the information coming from the left and right
speakers.  The label says that it is possible to listen to this
DVDA in hi-res stereo; however I could not discover any menu to select
such an option.  The record is named after a Camus quote, but if
you are anti-existentialist, never fear, the music stands on its
own.  Songs included are: The Consequences of Falling;
Summerfling; Suddenly; it’s Happening With You; Extraordinary Thing;
Love’s Great Ocean; Simple; What Better Said; When We Collide;
Curiosity; Only Love.

-Brian Bloom

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