Klipsch Tape – [TrackList follows] – Selections from three 1954 15ips demo tapes made by Paul Klipsch – HDTT 96K/24-bit DVD

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Klipsch Tape – [TrackList follows] – Selections from three 1954 15ips demo tapes made by Paul Klipsch – HDTT 96K/24-bit audio-only DVD (also avail. at their site in other formats) – HDTT KLIPSCH-1 DVD, 44 min. music ****:
This is a trip for long in the tooth audiophiles! It will remind many of having their first stereo tape open reel tape recorder and ordering stereo tapes (5-inch and 7-inch reels) from the Livingston Tape company in the early 1950s. Except that instead of being only 3¾ or 7½ ips speed, the master tapes were made at 15 ips, which became the standard professional format and offered much better fidelity.
The format will be familiar to some of us. It is a hodgepodge of Dixieland and classical pipe organ selections, introduced only on the right channel by a narrator. The Flem Ferguson Dixieland Jazz Band is actually quite good, and the pipe organist is none other than the late John Eargle, who was a fine organist and later was the audio maven at Delos Records and wrote professional books on microphones. The organ recordings are quite good, with a good feeling of the ambience of the Texas church where they were recorded.
HDDT transferred the original tapes using a Studer 810 two-track open reel deck and numerous tweaky gadgets which preserve the excellent sonics on the tapes—especially at the 96K/24 resolution of the audio-only DVD.  Hiss and noise is totally unnoticeable. At the end of the dozen musical selections is the soundtrack of an interview Paul Klipsch did on his local Hope, AK TV station in 1954, attempting to explain his speaker design, but not getting far with the clowns at the station.
Few of you probably have an open reel player and tapes around anymore, so this HDTT release will take you back to those days with the utmost fidelity, and without any concerns of rewinding, cleaning heads and rollers, tape wind, oxide shedding, flutter and wow, and the other many headaches of open reel recording, which make vinyl playback seem like a snap.
Flem Ferguson – Tin Roof Blues; Weldon Flanagan, Wurlitzer pipe organ – Yellow Rose of Texas; John Eargle, organ – Carillon Sortie; Joe Holland Quartet – I Think You’re Wonderful; Eargle – Bach: Toccata * Fugue in d; Jean Langlais: Arabesque for the Flutes; Gigue; Liszt: Harmonies du Soir; Alain: Litanies; Flem Fergusion – Lady Be Good; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; Muskrat Ramble; Paul W. Klipsch interview
—John Sunier

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