Lauren Bush, vocals – All My Treasures – Self-produced

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Jazz CD Reviews

Lauren Bush – All My Treasures – Self-produced, 52:17 ***: (Available as an MP3 download on Amazon)

An uneven effort but shows promise. 

(Lauren Bush – vocals; Brandon Allen – sax; Miguel Gorodi – trumpet; Kieran McLeod – trombone; Liam Dunachie – piano; Andrew Rodd – bass; David Ingamelis – drums)

Lauren Bush (no relation to the other Bush clan) is a vocalist who presently resides in the UK, but has Canadian roots. In this self-produced release entitled All My Treasures, she tries to do what has eluded many other hopefuls (especially without the support of a recognized record label): make a breakthrough in the tough world of jazz/pop music.

As Bush outlined in the self-written liner notes (which by the way were printed in mice type and were very difficult to read) said each tune chosen is “like a little jewel to me” which she hoped to share with a wider audience. Starting with the Bob Dorough ditty “I’ve Got Just About Everything I Need”. The arrangement is by the highly regarded Canadian bassist Don Thompson and snaps along at a brisk pace. While Bush bristles with energy she has a voice that is somewhat thin in tone, and is locked in an upper register of minimal range, with uncertain phrasing. This poses a challenge as she goes about presenting her other little jewels.

Artists frequently fall in love with material that may not be best suited to their musical capabilities. Those advising them shy away from delivering this unpleasant message, much to the artist’s detriment. There are however, a number of tunes that suit her capabilities, including the Herb Ellis, John Frigo and Lou Carter composition “Detour Ahead”. Taken at an easy tempo, Bush does not have to push her voice into unchartered areas, and thus gives an agile reading of the tune.

The final track of the session is Dave Mason’s “Feelin’Alright” in which Bush and the band find their funky groove wherein Bush’s vocal is full of syncopation and control. Hopefully next time out, Lauren Bush will chose material that will put her on a sturdier expressive footing.

TrackList: I’ve Got Just About Everything I Need; I’m Old Fashioned; Dindi; Secret Love; A,You’re Adorable; I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter; Detour Ahead; Charade; Sweet Georgia Brown; Doodlin’; You’re Nearer; Feelin’ Alright

—Pierre Giroux

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