Marie Antoinette (Soundtrack) – Various selections – Verve/Polydor

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Marie Antoinette (Soundtrack) – Various selections –  Verve/Polydor B0007822-02 (2 CDs) ****: 

The soundtrack for this somewhat controversial film consists of a wide, eclectic mix of genres including New Wave 80s, modern rock from the 90s and 2000s, classical, and a more conventional soundtrack score as well.  Due to the variety of material the quality of sound ranges from B to A, but overall, the sound is very good.  If you are familiar with the bands listed below then you’ll know what to expect from the sound and style of the music.  Like most good soundtracks, although the music stands well alone, it is a bit incomplete without the film.  In many ways it is thematic, and even though I haven’t seen the film, an acquaintance was easily able to recount which scenes had what songs playing in the background/foreground.

The first disc is more hard-edged and contains more of the rockin’ tunes.  Track ten is an exception and sounds like a mellow Pink Floyd tune with Waters’ vocals.  The Radio Dept. was a band that I hadn’t heard before, but will investigate after listening to their music on this set.  Their music has a late 90s alternative modern rock flavor with a mix of electronica reminiscent of bands from the Ultra Chilled series.  Disc two contains more of the somber tracks including much of the classical music (complete with harpsichord).  Track five starts off just like the intro from a Catherine Wheel song and has that late 80s/early 90s flavor.  Aphex Twin, a band of which I’d heard (but was not very familiar), produced a couple very enjoyable instrumental tracks for the record.

When I first began listening to these discs I was expecting another hodge-podge mix of tunes that really didn’t go well together.  The fact that the material is as diverse as it is yet manages to sound cohesive is a testament to the people who put it together.  What was a questionable recommendation at first has turned to a big thumbs up!

Songs included are:
(Disc 1 – 46:31) – Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie & The Banshees; Aphrodisiac – Bow Wow Wow; What Ever Happened – The Strokes; Pulling Our Weight – The Radio Dept.; Ceremony – New Order; Natural’s Not In It – Gang Of Four; I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow (Kevin Shields Remix); Kings Of The Wild Frontier – Adam & The Ants; Concerto in G – Antonio Vivaldi, Dir: Reitzell, Conductor: Roger Neill; The Melody Of A Fallen Tree – Windsor For The Derby; I Don’t Like It Like this – The Radio Dept.; Plainsong – The Cure.

(Disc 2 – 44:44) – Intro Versailles; Jynweythek Ylow – Aphex Twin; Opus 17; Dustin O’Halloran; Il Secondo Giorno (Instrumental) – Air; Keen On Boys – The Radio Dept.; Opus 23 – Dustin O’Halloran; Les Barricades Mysterious – Francois Cauperin, Harpsichord: Patricia Mabee; Fools Rush In – Bow Wow Wow (Kevin Shields Remix); Avril 14th – Aphex Twin; K. 213 – Domenico Scarlatti, Harpsichord: Patricia Mabee; Tommib Help Buss – Squarepusher; tristes apprets, pales flambeaux – Jean-Philippe Rameau, Les Arts Florissant, Dir: William Christie, Agnes Mellon: Soprano; Opus 36 – dustin O’Halloran; All Cats Are Grey – The Cure.

– Brian Bloom

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