Matt Bianco Featuring Basia – Matt’s Mood – Decca

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Matt Bianco Featuring Basia – Matt’s Mood; Decca B0007KTB8U CD ***1/2: 

Matt Bianco’s debut album came out in 1982 and featured Basia on vocals
and Danny Wood on keyboard.  Not long after, the band disbanded
and changed members.  Basia and Danny went on to a successful run
of albums the first of which spawned hits like “Time and Tide” and “New
Day for You.”  Records went platinum.  After the third album
(which didn’t do all too well) Basia dropped out of the
limelight.  Wood was her partner on these records although he
rarely gets the recognition.  Without the wonderful arrangements,
they would have really gone unnoticed.  Meanwhile, Matt Bianco was
hitting it fairly big in Europe late in the mid to late 80s with their
blend of jazz-pop.  In 2001 they released a record that was
recorded in Havana and featured a blend of acid jazz and Cuban

This disc is a combination of many styles of music: pop, jazz, swing,
Latin, and lounge to name a few.  For lovers of Basia’s music,
listeners should get this disc with open arms (as it is not unlike what
she has done before).  The added talent of Matt Bianco makes it
even more varied and pleasant.  There are horns, guitar,
keyboards, percussion, and vocal harmonies that emanate easily from the
speakers.  On a few tracks there are male vocals which only
detract on a song or two, otherwise they are welcome.  The album
is lighthearted and upbeat in a fashion that sounds like Manhattan
Transfer at times, like Basia’s solo work at others, and like some good
soundtrack music to a new romantic comedy.  Pick it up at your own
risk—you might just find yourself dancing around the room!  Songs
included are:  Ordinary Day; I Never Meant To; Wrong Side of the
Street; La Luna; Say The Words; Golden Days; Ronnie’s Samba;
Kaleidoscope; Slip & Sliding; Matt’s Mood III.

-Brian Bloom

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