MMO Ensemble – Any Day Now – Martin Myhre Olsen – Øra Fonogram

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MMO Ensemble – Any Day Now – Øra Fonogram (2018)

Martin Myhre Olsen: alto and soprano saxophones; Andrea Roligheten: tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet; Oyvind Broekke: trombone; Erik Kimestad Pedersen: trumpet; Siril Malmedal Hauge: vocals; Karl Bjora: guitar; Ayumi Tanaka: piano; Hakon Aase: violin; Adrian Loseth Waade: violin; Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen: ‘cello; Christian Meaas Svendsen: double bass, voice; Simon Olderskog Albertsen: drums, vibraphone

Recorded 23rd January 2017 by Daniel Wold at Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

Another bunch of jazzheads enraptured by the singing of the sirens.  These complex musical  constructions sample from the poetry of Emily Dickinson, ee cummings, and James Baldwin as well as the Baltic brine of Joseph Conrad.  Named after the band leader, Martin Myhre Olsen, MMO Ensemble is at once orchestral and operatic, as well as part improvisational street riot.  Dear Odysseus, time to have the crew lash you to the mast.    

MMO Ensemble

MMO Ensemble

1. Any Day Now Part I. 7:42
2. Why? 8:24
3. Don’t You 2:15
4. Take Me (Tøyen Blues) 14:05
5. In Your Arms 7:49
6. aNd Part I. (If I Were A Panther) 6:44
7. aNd Part II. (Philming) 7:56
8. Carry Me3:48
9. (Out) Of This… 4:51
10. Lonely Place 3:10
11. Any Day Now Part II. 7:03

MMO Ensemble Any Day Now, Album Cover

Cover art by Mari Kanstad Johnsen


Wind whispers among the aspen.  Stretched circumference splits in half.   True believers dance in their chains, bathing in a language yet unknown.   Take me in your arms.  Single interval not quite yet.  Place beside itself almost here.  Lifetime survived before it can be endured.  Our shared privileged reality.  Sailboat beneath the stars chases butterflies in my dreams.  We must hold dear those elements left wandering among dissociable omissions:  chairs for others left standing, punctuation outside the paragraph, candle extinguished by the shuddering tail of a sacred cow, beauty embraced in a dark room, snowflakes bursting into flames.  Curbside evangelist gathers a congregation of the curious while living in fear that the faith to which he has committed himself may yet prove to be without foundation.  Gazing down from the cliff, a fjord choked with trembling icebergs.  

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