Neil Diamond – Live 1976 – The Thank You Australia Concert

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Neil Diamond – Live 1976  – The Thank You Australia Concert

Studio: Eagle Vision Entertainment   EV 302569
Video: DVD 1.33:1 color
Audio: 2 channel Dolby Digital
Extras: Extra concert footage, Behind the scenes introduction, live commercials from the stage, “A Current Affair” interview, and photo gallery
Length: 177 minutes
Rating:  **1/2 

Neil Diamond is one of the greatest pop artists of all times. He has written classic songs, many of which are on this album. The video is of decent quality especially considering the age of the concert. It is nice to see Neil in his more youthful years. It does suffer from the usual live concert problems with flashing bright lights with dark background at times. The sound is quite a bit better than I would expect from Dolby Digital. It will however never remind you of live music sound. Neil’s performance seems to be on the laid back side. He does his usual conversations with the audience and audience participation bits. The extras are more or less of little value, except for the interview. It is amazing to see how young he looks.

I pulled out my copy of the DVD of Neil Diamond’s “Greatest Hits”  to compare it with this issue. The video quality is a mixed bag. On “Greatest Hits” his image is slightly better, the background is pretty washed out by bright backlighting. It also has a slightly more energetic performance. The audio is fairly even, with neither disc sounding overly good. “Live” has the edge for length and song selection. I would say that for now, if you want to see Neil Diamond in concert this may be your best choice. Real Diamond fanatics may want to own both.

TRACKLIST: 1) Missa 2)Soolaimon 3) Play Me 4) Solitary Man 5) Cherry Cherry 6) Sweet Caroline 7) The Last Picasso 8) Longfellow Serenade 9) Song Sung Blue 10) Cracklin’ Rosie 11) Holly Holy 12) I Am…I Said 13) Anthem 14) Be 15) Dear Father 16) Skybird 17) Lonely Looking Sky 18) Anthem (reprise) 19) Be (reprise) 20) Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show 21) I’ve Been This Way Before

— Clay Swartz


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