Neil Young – Greatest Hits; Reprise CD + DVD

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Neil Young – Greatest Hits; Reprise 48924-2 CD+DVD
Rating:  **** 1/2:

[Not DualDisc but two separate discs, which we feel is a better
way…Ed.] Supposedly, this greatest hits collection was put together
by Neil Young himself, and the selection is based on: “original record
sales, airplay, and known download history.”  Two songs that I can
think of that are not on this collection are “Mr. Soul” and “Walk
On.”  Excepting these tunes, this collection is a wonderful
representation of the man’s musical ability.  Young always managed
to be that gritty side to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and his
guitar work is ever-present on the tunes included with this set. 
Topics include politics, love, life, and freedom to name a few, and if
the listener takes the time to look up some of the lyrics he/she might
be surprised just how incendiary they are.  Take a verse from
“Southern Man”: 
    Lily Bell, your hair is golden brown
    I’ve seen your black man comin’ round
    Swear by God, I’m gonna cut him down
    I heard screamin’ and bull whips crackin’, How long? How long?
…Definitely not the stuff of which Britney Spears’ songs are made, but
then, you didn’t expect that from a 60s rocker, did you?  I highly
recommend this disc with or without the DVD.

The DVD is in a 16×9 ratio and is stereo although the label says they
are recorded in super-saturated DVD-Stereo—whatever that means. 
Why not DVDA?  If you were expecting conventional videos for these
songs, then you will be disappointed.  What you do get, however,
is what vinyl addicts and audiophiles will applaud.  Each song
features what looks to be an old AR turntable spinning the actual disc
that the songs come from.  Alongside the turntable are
memorabilia, music sheets, and/or the record cover.  When the song
is from a 45 record, then you see a 45 record playing—a truly cool
party video if I ever saw one.  (The exception to this is “Rockin
In The Free World” which may have never been released on vinyl. 
The video has CD playing with the top of the player open, so you can
see the disc spinning.)  If you take the time to further navigate
through the DVD you’ll find lyrics, photos, album information, and
“Rocking in the Free World” and “Harvest Moon” videos. 

Songs included are:  Down By The River; Cowgirl In The Sand;
Cinnamon Girl; Helpless; After The Gold Rush; Only Love Can Break Your
Heart; Southern Man; Ohio; The Needle & The Damage Done; Old Man;
Heart Of Gold; Like A Hurricane; Comes A Time; Hey Hey My My (Into The
Black); Rockin In The Free World; Harvest Moon.

-Brian Bloom

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