Piano and Cello Works by DELIUS, BACH & BRIDGE [TrackList Follows] – Gloria Jones, cello/ David Booth, piano – Direct-to-Tape Recording/ HDTT 192K/24-bit DVD-A HDTT HDDLCTR6 24/192, 46:23 ****:

A nice cello and piano recital with a few intonation problems in the cello and a lack of notes on the album. None of the three works here are frequently heard today.  First is the seven-minute Romance by Delius – a nice introduction to this cello/piano recital. Next is the quarter-hour-long Sonata No. 2 of Bach, which illustrates some enjoyable cello peregrinations on the scale, but short of the amazing invention of the six unaccompanied cello works.

The Sonata for Cello and Piano seems to be the big number on this disc. It was composed in 1913-17, and coming during the First World War, shows a change from his earlier style and came during a time of a strengthening of his pacifist convictions. It is 25 minutes long and one of his masterpieces.

The original two-channel analog recording was made by DIR’s Bob Sellman in the Bishop White Memorial Library of the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge in 1982. Although I cannot hear any difference between 192K and 96K, this DVD-A sounds extremely widerange and lovely. This is also available in several other formats, HQCD, 96K/24 DVD and others.

—John Sunier