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by | Jan 2, 2012 | Jazz CD Reviews

Post Jazz Mistress – Global Warming – TRP Music TRPCD0057, 41:59 ****:
(Osvaldo Di Dio – electric & acoustic guitars; Vincenzo Virgillito – double bass; Antonio Fusco – drums)
As jazz parameters expand, social and political narratives become intertwined with the music. Additionally traditional influences are merged with topical formats. Post Jazz Mistress is an ensemble for the New Millennium. Comprised of three Italian musicians, their “new” approach incorporates world music, rock and folk into jazz spontaneity.
Global Warming (with its stunning, cautionary photo of an inundating ocean) is an appealing album consisting of eight original compositions and one cover. The opening track, “Listen To Me, My J” is a medium-tempo waltz time piece that utilizes a fuzzy electric guitar. Osvaldo Di Dio builds the intensity of with a decidedly jagged edge. There are softer accents, but the piece displays an intrinsic pulse. A slower tune in 3/4, “Waltz For Her” is solid trio chemistry. With clean and precise lines the guitar is countered by Vincenzo Virgillito’s fluid double bass and the tasteful licks on drums by Antonio Fusco. More guitar nuance (reverb) and great solos approximate progressive jazz aesthetics with some fusion riffs. The injection of acoustic guitar manipulates pensive shading. Another genre-bending cut is “Silent Moving” with showcases some echo laden, hypnotic runs. Virgillito’s double bass plays in graceful unison, and drummer Antonio Fusco is delicate and creative.
One of the highlights is a Latin-tinged jazz rock number, “The Seven Secret Pools”.  In a near-pop construct, the band is able to infuse their pulsating stridency with moody undercurrents. Connecting with bluesy jazz aesthetics, “Dancing On A Lonely Wave” seems almost conventional.  Many jazz artists have served up arrangements of Beatles’ songs with varying results. This cover of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is effective as the melody is explored in a swirling relaxed vibe. The ethereal feel of the song is never lost in the improvisational transitions. The trio embraces the spirit of jazz, but with a sense of personalized interpretation. Even on an acoustic tune like “Diary Of The World”, the unusual instrumental effects are front and center. Guitar and bass trade off with expressiveness.
Apparently, it took Post Jazz Mistress nearly a decade to assimilate the post-jazz sound of Global Warming.  It will be interesting to see the next stage of this incarnation.
TrackList: Listen To Me, My J; Waltz For Her; Greetings From Fairbanks; Silent Moving; The Seven Secret Pools; Dancing On A Lonely Wave; Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds; Molokai; Diary Of The World
—Robbie Gerson

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