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Remy Le Boeuf, a inspiring jazz talent…

Remy Le Boeuf’s Assembly of Shadows – Architectures of Storms – Soundspore Records SS202101 – 55:20 – ****1/2

Remy Le Boeuf, in short order, has made a splash on the jazz scene. Two years ago, his first large group jazz issue received a Grammy nomination for both Best Instrumental Jazz Composition and Arrangement. Not resting on his laurels, Remy is back with another significant release that bridges several musical genres. With a 20 member ensemble, Le Bouef shows a compositional talent that encompasses jazz, classical, and rock influences.

His cross genre skills bridge orchestral jazz, with rock interludes. Continually fascinating, his soundscapes both stimulate ,and yet bring on a sense of contentment.

Neener, Neener” has an anthemic theme (similar to the work of Maria Schneider’s orchestra.) The horns and woodwinds soar, always ready to both roar, or settle into a groove. Remy, himself, on both soprano and alto sax, as well as flutes, leads the charge on both this track, and four others.

He arranges, and re-imagines Bon Iver’s “Minnesota, Wi.” With a trumpet led charge, and the drumming of Peter Kronreif, it brings a tension and release motif, the tenderness always ready to be shown. Julia Easterlin is featured on the vocals of “The Melancholy Architecture of Storms.” Her feathery voice floats above a dreamy background led by Remy at times.

Guest saxophonist, Dayna Stephens and trombonist, Sam Blakeslee are featured on “Face Value.” It has an edginess with its noir feel, ready to break free at any moment, but remaining restrained. “Union” has the horns opening with more anthemic beauty. Remy helps set the mood again on soprano sax. Matt Aronoff, on bass, is felt throughout.

Sibbian,” the longest track, at 9:49, has room for more mood development. There is a wistful yearning, with occasional rises in emotion. Martha Kato, on piano, mid tune, makes her presence felt. “Secondhand Smile” is a welcome cooker, with big band power, always at the ready to roar. “Bring Me There” has a gorgeous sheen, showing a polished panache with a beautiful arrangement. On the closer, Remy is featured on a blues inspired by Joshua Redman, and Charles Mingus.

Remy Le Boeuf is a talented artist, both instrumentally, and as a creative orchestral jazz composer. His is a name to follow, with eager anticipation for future endeavors.

Neener Neener
Minnesota, Wi.
The Melancholy Architecture of Storms
Face Value
Secondhand Smile
Bring Me There

Performing Artists:
Remy Le Boeuf – alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute;
Gregory Robbins- conductor;
Woodwinds: Ben Kono, Vito Chiavuzzo, Lucas Pino, John Lowery, Carl Maraghi, Anna Webber, Dayna Stephens
Trumpets: John Lake, Seneca Black, Tony Giausi, Philip Dizack, Mike Rodriguez, Matt Holman, Dave Adewumi
Trombones: Mike Fahle, Eric Miller, Natalie Cressman, Sam Blakeslee, Javier Nero, Isaac Kaplan, Jennifer Wharton
Guitar: Alex Goodman, Horace Bray
Bass: Matt Aronoff
Drums: Peter Kronreif Percussion: James Shipp, Joe Saylor Vocals: Julia Easterlin

—Jeff Krow


For more information, please visit Remy LeBeouf at Bandcamp.

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