Requiem: The Fraternity (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter)  Stereo CD – Sony Classical 

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Classical CD Reviews

Requiem: The Fraternity (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter)  Stereo CD – Sony Classical 88985 41735 2 (5/12/17) TT: 54:34 ****

Ethereal music will soothe and inspire you

What a lovely and utterly absorbing disc. It’s a selection of (mostly) Gregorian Chants performed by The Fraternity, a small choral group  – an international community considered one of the top specialists in Gregorian Chant in the world. This disc is their debut major label release.

There’s 20 tracks of just sublime music here, recorded in an acoustic space the is just right for these chants.

The tracks are not all vocal; track 2 is just a lonely tolling of a bell. The rest of the program consists of traditional chants, and the disc was a perfect respite from the hackneyed holiday music that is blaring in every shopping mall, airport and Christmas Tree lot. It’s not really holiday music, but rather a solemn funeral mass, but it still works for the season.

Although this music will bring back many memories of the Latin mass, any listener should find this music calming and reverential.

Musically, this is a flawless performance. It’s ethereal, mystical and absorbing. The recording was done at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Nebraska. Listening on my trusty Magnepan 3.6r speakers the sound came alive. Letting my pre-amp deliver faux surround made the experience even better.

If you are a fan or choral music, masses, or Gregorian Chant, don’t let this disc pass you by.

Track List:
1. Antiphon: Exsultábunt Dómino; Psalm 50
2. Tolling of the Bell
3. Responsory” Subveníte Sancti Dei
4. Introit: Réquiem ætérnam
5. Kýrie eléison
6. Gradual: Réquiem ætérnam
7. Tract: Absólve Dómine
8. Sequence: Dies Iræ
9. Offertory: Dómine, Jesu Christe
10. Sanctus
11. Agnus Dei
12. Communion: antiphon Lux ætérna
13. Responsory: Líbera me
14. Antiphon: In paradísum
15. Antiphon: Ego sum; Canticle of Zachary
16. Responsory: Qui Lázarum
17. Responsory: Dómine quando véneris
18. Responsory: Peccántem me
19. Pie Jesu Dómine
20. Réquiem ætérnam

Mel Martin