Rick Springfield – Working Class Dog – RCA/Legacy

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Rick Springfield – Working Class Dog – RCA/Legacy 82876 84867 (2 CDs) ***1/2: 

If 80s music isn’t your thing, then you want to be sure to stay away from this one—it’s one of the quintessential 80s discs!  From the harmonies on the first track, to the hard drivin’ guitar interludes, to the never-ending stream of power pop, the listener is almost exhausted by the end of the CD.  This release marks the 25th anniversary of this record and has some extra tracks as well as extensive liner notes featuring Rick Springfield, Keith Olsen, and Bill Drescher.  In addition to discussion about Rick’s career and how the album came about, there are pages of comments on each song on the disc.  “Easy to Cry” is a good tune—although not with quite the flavor of the original album—but it helped Rick get his record deal with RCA along with “Taxi Dancing” and another tune.  Springfield describes “Taxi Dancing” as pretentious and I wouldn’t disagree.  Hits on the record include the infamous “Jessie’s Girl,” “Love Is Alright Tonite,” and “I’ve Done Everything For You.”  The notes on Jessie’s Girl indicate that Jessie was really Randy and the lyrics of the song hit the mark pretty well—it’s some good reading.  All in all you know what to expect on this one, so rejoice, the 80s are still alive and well!

Songs included:  Love Is Alright Tonite; Jessie’s Girl; Hole In My Heart; Carry Me Away; I’ve Done Everything For You; The Light Of Love; Everybody’s Girl; Daddy’s Pearl; Red Hot & Blue Love; Inside Silvia.

Bonus tracks: Easy To Cry (Previously Unreleased); Taxi Dancing (Original Version, Previously Unreleased); Jessie’s Girl (Demo Version).

– Brian Bloom

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