Rio Bossa – various performers – Le Chant du Monde – 3-CDs

A wonderful 3-CD intro to Brazilian jazz.

Rio Bossa – various performers [TrackList follows] – Le Chant du Monde 2742394.96 (3-CD box) [Distr. by Harmonia mundi/PIAS] (10/7/16) *****:

This is a terrific sampler of the best of Brazilian music from the bossa nova period of the mid-‘50s, which seems to coming back again. There is also a similar Le Chant du Monde boxed set on samba – the two are the real musical soul of Brazilian culture. (We’ll also have a review of it later.) These are the masterminds of bossa nova, including the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto, Baden Powell, Luiz Bonfa and others. For my money, Brazil has the best music in the world. Sound is not bad either, though it could be better. These were originally released to tie in with the Brazilian Olympics. And they’re for sale at Amazon for only $9!


Disc 1:



Chega de saudade

Manha de carnaval

Lobo bobo so

Chora tua tristexa


Morne boca de ouro


Bim bom

Outra vez

Saudade fx um samba

Cancao do amor demais

Disc 2:

Um abraco no Bonfa

O pato

A Felicidate

Samba de minha terra

Licao de Baiao

Este seu olhar

Eu preciso de voce

Cancao do olhar amado


Recado bossa noca

O Barquinho

O pato


Samba triste


Disc 3:

Manha de carnaval



Chega de saudade

Rosa Morena

A Felicidade

Maria Ninguem

Alguem me disse

Sem saudade de voce

Aos pes de cruz

Sem voce

Eluxo so

Sincopado triste

Outra vez

—John Henry

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