A nice collection of New Age music for those with a Blu-ray deck and surround sound.

ROGER SHAH: Music for Meditation, Yoga & Any Other Wellbeing Moments, audio-only Blu-ray – Magic Island Records Black Hole BRD 09 (2.0, 5.1, and Auro-3D 9.1)

Roger Shah is a dance music producer who is also into classical and orchestral music. He has done a number of film soundtracks, among them Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He also does performances on tour and has a radio program. He worked on this New Age album for the past two years.

This album contains a musical atmosphere of chill and ambient vibes which have been customizied for Auro-3D and will play back in that format if you have the proper decoder and speaker set up. It is the first Auro-3D album with meditational music. The height layer of Auro-3D produces sound in front, above all around the listener. Shah uses a combination of orchestral instruments, synth pads and plucks, world instruments and electronic sound in his music. The only track I didn’t much like was the final one of the ten on the disc, “Finding Your Own Voice.” It includes a singing voice which I couldn’t understand, and I feel such music should be strictly instrumental.

He wrote, arranged, composed and produced all of the music on the disc. To my ears, it sounds just fine on the 5.1 speaker layout that I have at the moment, with just two height speakers rather than the prescribed four.

—John Sunier