“Solution: Spectacular Reference Disc” [TrackList follows] – 13 excerpts from Delos Records – Top Music

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“Solution: Spectacular Reference Disc” [TrackList follows] – 13 excerpts from Delos Records – Top Music International Ltd. SACD9014.2 **:
This is the latest audiophile reissue from the Hong Kong-based Top Music. Western collectors must realize that the target audience for these releases is the Asian market—that’s one reason there are no more SACD surround releases—there’s just not enough interest in surround sound there. But the artists and selections offered also reflect the different tastes of consumers there.
Inside the overly-promotional album title, there 13 tracks that all come from previous Delos Records CD releases, and they could be considered all in the classical area, though there are some more in the light music or folk realm. Delos has been reissuing many older Russian-made recordings, but most of these tracks seem to be from U.S. productions, with better sonics. There are three solo vocal numbers and one choral work featuring a women’s choir: “O clarissima mater.”  As with some similar samplers releases by other Asian labels, there is no identification of any of the composers, the complete works or albums from which the tracks come, or even the performing artists—very frustrating.
The sonics are certainly the ultimate of what can be achieved via two-channel SACD. The selections were carefully remastered using SADiE Digital Precision gear and Black Rhodium cabling, the monitor system was the super-high-end Solution Swiss-made components (that’s why the booklet is mostly photos of Solution components—without any description—and why the SACD is titled as it is). The Isoclean power conditioning system was used, and the SACD was pressed by Sony in Austria. If you need an SACD reference sampler disc, I think you will find several other better ones from Western labels, and most of them offering surround too.

—John Sunier

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