The featured artist on The Music Treasury this week is the Czech conductor Jiri Walhans.  Walhans did much to broaden the scope of the Brno Philharmonic, introducing foreign tours, expanded activities for the chamber ensembles and choir, and more interaction with other symphonic orchestras.

The show’s host, Dr Gary Lemco, will be presenting orchestral works by Delius, Anton Arensky, Zdenek Fibich, Vitezslav Novak, and Josef Suk.  The show can be heard this Sunday, 4 Feb 2018, on the host radio station at Stanford University, KZSU,  from 19:00 to 21:00 PST, as well as concurrent streaming on the Internet at kzsu.stanford.edu.


On Saturday, The Score will open its new season, with the ongoing theme of “Music from the Movies”.  This week, The Score will explore music from movies built around culture clashes—Lost In Translation, The Terminal, Zorba the Greek and others.  Edmund Stone, the show’s host, will be broadcasting/streaming from Portland’s All Classical station, www.allclassical.org from 14:00 to 15:00 PST.  On Sunday at the same time slot, there will be an encore presentation of last week’s show, “Piano Works Written For Movies”.  More information can be found on its web site www.thescore.org.