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Audio News for April 1, 2016

Onkyo Has AVRs With Custom Integration in Mind – The three RZ Series receivers expected next month (from $799 to $1299) have features making installation and integration with control systems easy for audiophiles and custom installation crews. Later this year they will have 9.2, and 11.2 channel RZ network receivers, and the PR-RZ5100 network pre-processor. All but the lowest-level unit are THX Select2 Plus certified and decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround formats. Appreciation for Beauty of Classical Music Dying –  Most of the music around us in no longer classical – the world is filled with digitized voices and instruments, lip-syncing so-called “performers” and entertainers who are more interested in making a political statement than making great music. For a few, there is nothing more beautiful than classical music. Listening to it can cause one to breathe more slowly, one’s heart rate to drop, and the stress in your life seems to float away. Some are brought to tears by the shear beauty of the sounds created by exceptionally talented musicians. More people should take the time to listen to and appreciate the great classical works of art. Request for Reader Feedback on Hi-Res Benefits – Secrets of Home […]