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Audio News for September 13, 2016

Audio News for September 13, 2016

Designer Reimagines Classics as Data Visualizations – Nicolas Rougeux creates a sort of Rorschach test of notes from famous classical music scores, in Off the Staff. Standard sheet music is turned into works of expressive art, He says he wants to represent an entire score in a single image which fans of the music would […]

Audio News for August 26, 2016

Sony Is Advertising a Hi-Res Turntable – There cannot be such a thing as a hi-res turntable. It may be designed to convert vinyl discs to audio files, but it is not therefore hi-res. Vinyl may often sound fantastic, but it is not hi-res and never will be. Post-iPod Players – Both new and experienced […]

Audio News for July 15, 2016

A New Inexpensive Platform for Home & Business Automation –  Matrix, subject of KickStarter campaign where it can be pre-ordered for $299, looks to challenge single vendor approaches from Apple, Samsung and others by building a framework within which third-part open-source apps can co-exist. You can control it by speech, gesture or its mobile app. […]

Audio News for August 21, 2015

Walmart & Sam’s Club CE Sales Still Sluggish; Apple’s Music Festival to Stream for Free; Bluetooth Smart Technology Powers the Internet of Things; Three Tips for Making the Best Home Theater; Oculus Cinema Delivers Virtual Movie-Watching Experience

Audio News for February 17, 2015

Headphones Category Continues Growth; North American Sales of Portable Navigation Devices Falls; Onkyo Intends To Have the Largest Hi-Res Platform Available; Determining Whether Actually Hi-Res or Not; GoRave Multi-room Wireless Audio System

Audio News for May 9, 2014

Consumer Demand for Apps; CEA Asks Senate for Patent Reform; Enhancement of Sharp’s Smart TVs; UK Survey Shows Youth Buying Physical Format Music But Don’t Listen to Them

Audio News for May 6, 2014

Very Modern Reinterpretations of the Classics; Gibson Brands Acquiring Philips’ Audio & HT Business; J&R Closes E-Commerce Site; TV App Developers Team Up; Rockford Gets Car Audio Level-Matching Patent

Audio News for June 18, 2013

Awards for Under $1000 Turntables & Disc Players; Pricing of Hi-Res Online Downloads; Home Theater Is a Hobby; DTS Promises Wide Compatibility of HT Components with DTS-HD; New Apps Bring Live Concerts to Mobile Devices