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Audio News for November 25, 2016

How Classical Music Affects Thoughts and Mood – Certain types of music can move us emotionally from one feeling to another.  In the ‘70s a researcher play certain music in chambers where plants were growing. Of the plants that were provided with rock music, some became stunted and others gangly and most died within a […]

Audio News for September 30, 2014

The Film Detective to Release 10-20 Restored Classic Films Monthly; Sony Hi-Res Promotion Campaign Features “Cheek to Cheek” Album; DirecTV Shareholders Support Merger With AT&T; Three Onkyo AVRs Get Dolby Atmos Updates; Petra Adds NuVo Distributed Audio

Audio News for March 8, 2013

LG U.K. Launch of 55-inch OLED Displays; Verizon & LTE Tops in Wireless; ProSource Targets ‘New’ Audio; Desire for 3D and Internet Connectivity Growing; TextBuster Blocks In-Car Texting, Emailing, Web Browsing

Audio News for November 16, 2012

One-Blue Signs Two New Licensees; LG to Add 3doo Service to Their 3DTVs; Vevo Expands in Europe; Lowe’s to Offer Home Control System to More Stores; CEA Names Four Winners of Technology & Standards Awards