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Audio News for August 30, 2016

Audiophile Gurus Forecast Best Buy – Best Buy has been in the news lately, both for prognostications about its longterm future (Money Magazine, CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, NPR) and the short term implications of its expanding its Hi-Res Listening Station displays – developed with Sony Electronics, and now available in 82 Magnolia Design Centers at Best Buy, […]

Audio News for July 8, 2016

Six of the Most Inspired Single Notes in Classical Music  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Notebook to Have Iris Scanner – Samsung’s new Note 7 (due for release August 2) will have both a fingerprint reader and an amazing new security feature – an iris scanner. All you have to do is look at the smartphone, […]

Audio News for May 24, 2016

Facebook Bought VR Audio Firm Two Big Ears and is Making Tech Free to Developers – Facebook and parent company Oculus have announced they will make the new technology free as part of the Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop. Two Big Ears said their mission is to make VR audio succeed across all devices and platforms […]

Audio News for June 30, 2015

Sony and Best Buy Plan Hi-Res Music Demos in 70 Stores; Interesting Article on “Audio Overkill”; High Ranking of Samsung HDTVs; PS Audio Launches PCM/DSD DAC for $1299; Jasco GE Chargers to Untangle the Nest of Wires

Audio News for October 10, 2014

New Marantz AVR Preamp Has Dolby Atmos Surround; Best Buy Adds Home-Automation Departments; Sinclair and Technicolor ATSC 3.0 UHD OTA Telecast; Pair of B&W Dada Baby Speakers Auctioned for $3,277

Audio News for December 24, 2013

Holiday Electronics Sales Up 27%; LG Audio to Expand Multi-room Wireless and Sound Plates; The Threat of TV Tipovers; Google Chromecast Dongle a Major Irritant for TV Stations and Manufacturers

Audio News for April 26, 2013

Responsible Electronics Recycling Increase; Samsung and Best Buy Kick Off Experience Shops; Kaleidescape Offers HD Video Downloads; RadioShack to Update Brand and Stores; CEA Report on Mobile Product Use

Audio News for April 16, 2013

Court Decision Makes Selling Digital Music Files Difficult; Increased Consumer Spending Lifts Electronics Sales; Sydney Opera House Partners with Samsung; Problems with Met’s 45-ton Wagner Set; Vudu User Data Stolen; Four Hisense TVs Now on Walmart Shelves