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Audio News for November 22, 2016

Biggest Tech Turkeys of 2016 – according to Cnet, first Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Second, Google’s messenger overload; Third, watching sports in VR; Fourth, NFL draft prospect Laremey Tunsil smoking weed with a grass mask on Twitter – it went viral; Surface went offline during the AFC championship game in January; Twitter unceremoniously dumped Vine – […]

Audio News for April 12, 2016

Classical Artists Speak to the Audience –  A change has happened in the classical music world – more and more artists speak directly to the audience about the music they are about to play. Audiences love this; they get more of a sense of the artists as people. The idea of maintaining an aura of […]

Audio News for January 15, 2013

CNet Boo-Boo; DEG Names Walmart Retailer of the Year; Sony Classical Relaunches OKeh Label; Audio Control Amp to Improve Sonics of Home Audio Wireless Distribution Systems; 84-inch 4K UHD Display Competitors